pass for MTB

Inneri Nanzlicke

geography  CH (VS), 7.9825°E, 46.2526°N profil
altitude  2579 m100-cols code  CH-VS-2579a
side 1  Glis, 680m, 20km
 Mättwe, 1830m, 5km
side 2  Simplonpass, 2006m, 6km
 Hopsche, 2038m, 4km
passability quite difficult difficult
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info beautiful track, difficult or non-rideable parts, long on the side of the Nanz valley but possible to combine with Nanzlicke or Üsseri Nanzlicke
Inneri Nanzlicke
Track from Simplon up to Üsseri- and Inneri-Nanzlicke
Inneri Nanzlicke
View from Inneri-Nanzlicke over Rossusee towards Bättlihorn and Saflischpass
Inneri Nanzlicke
The Nanz valley as seen fromInneri-Nanzlicke, with Mischabel and Weisshorn in the background