pass for MTB

Cuolm S-chaletta / Scalettapass

geography  CH (GR), 9.9204°E, 46.6928°N profil
altitude  2606 m100-cols code  CH-GR-2606
side 1  Davos-Platz, 1540m, 18km
 Dürrboden, 2007m, 4km
side 2  Susauna, 1682m, 11km
 Plaun Margun, 1891m, 6km
 Alp Funtauna, 2192m, 3km
passability difficult difficult
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info high walkig pass, rideable from the north up to Dürrboden, only partly further up (steep), rideable from the south up to Alp Funtauna
Cuolm S-chaletta
The Dischma valley as seen from the Weissfluhjoch, left the Schwarzhorn, in the background the Piz Vadret, right in the background Cuolm S-chaletta