pass for MTB

Gredigs Fürggli

geography  CH (GR), 9.5994°E, 46.7555°N profil
altitude  2617 m100-cols code  CH-GR-2617
side 1  Valbella, 1535m, 8km
 Plam la Lena, 1980m, 4km
side 2  Arosa, 1750m, 9km
 Schwelisee, 1931m, 5km
passability quite difficult quite difficult
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info good but steep way on Valbella's side, nice trail on Arosa's side, downhill largely rideable
Gredigs Fürggli
Lenzerheide, Valbella and Parpan as seen from Gredigs Fürggli, at the horizon Piz Beverin and Medel, the Signina chain, Oberalpstock and Tödi
Gredigs Fürggli
Gredigs Älpli as seen from Gredigs Fürggli
Gredigs Fürggli
Gredigs Fürggli, east slope
Gredigs Fürggli
Älplisee and Älplihorn