pass for MTB

Tiejer Fürggli

geography  CH (GR), 9.7387°E, 46.7805°N profil
altitude  2663 m100-cols code  CH-GR-2663
side 1  Sunnenrüti
side 2  Frauenkirch
passability difficult difficult
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info (not yet translated into English:) sentiers raides, névé du côté nord-est
Tiejer Fürggli
iew from Schwifurgga towards Bodmenfurgga (in the centre), with Schwarzhorn and Tiejerflue on each side of Tiejerfürggli (with snow)
Tiejer Fürggli
Tiejerflue from Bodmenfurgga
Tiejer Fürggli
View from Tiejerfürggli to the north-east, with Schwifurgga left on the second ground
Tiejer Fürggli
Tiejerfürggli and Amselflue