pass for MTB

Pass digls Orgels

geography  CH (GR), 9.6733°E, 46.6076°N profil
altitude  2699 m100-cols code  CH-GR-2699
side 1  Filisur, 1032m, 14km
 Frevgias, 1019m, 13km
 Pt. 2438, 2438m, 1km
side 2  Savognin, 1206m, 11km
 Bleis Ota, 2370m, 4km
 Lai Tigiel, 2465m, 1km
passability difficult very difficult
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info roads or gravel roads up to the Ela hut and to Plang Begls, respectively, difficult pushing or carrying for the last 200 m of climbing, partly cyclable tracks inbetween
Pass digls Orgels
Between Pradatschand the Ela hut, view to the north
Pass digls Orgels
Rocks looking like organs, giving its name to the Pass digls Orgels, here seen from the east
Pass digls Orgels
View from Pass digls Orgels onto Lai Tigiel and over Savognin into the Val Nandro