pass for MTB

Inner Viderjoch

geography  CH-AT (GR-TI), 10.3243°E, 46.9522°N profil
altitude  2699 m100-cols code  CH-GR-2688d
side 1  Ravaisch, 1795m, 7km
 Fuorcla, 2305m, 5km
side 2  Ischgl, 1376m, 11km
 Idalpe, 2270m, 5km
 Höllboden, 2208m, 4km
passability quite difficult difficult
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info very steep above Ravaisch (note another pass called Inner Viderjoch north of the Salaaser Kopf mountain)
Inner Viderjoch
Near Salaaser Kopf towards Idalpe