pass for MTB


geography  CH (GR), 9.8845°E, 46.6809°N profil
altitude  2739 m100-cols code  CH-GR-2739d
side 1  Bravuogn, 1367m, 15km
 Chants, 1822m, 7km
 Ravais-ch, 2562m, 1km
side 2  Frauenkirch, 1512m, 14km
 Sertig-Dörfli, 1861m, 7km
 Grüensee, 2197m, 3km
passability difficult difficult
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info high walking pass, rideable up to Val da Ravais-ch (south side, 2300 m), resp. Chüealptal (north side, 2200 m), difficult above, with long pushing or carrying stretches