pass for MTB

Col d'Aventine / Passo di Ventina Nord

geography  CH-IT (VS-AO), 7.7094°E, 45.9338°N profil
altitude  3444 m100-cols code  CH-VS-3451
side 1  Visp, 651m, 54km
 Zermatt, 1616m, 17km
 Furi, 1867m, 12km
side 2  Châtillon, 550m, 37km
 Breuil, 2006m, 9km
 Plan Maison, 2548m, 5km
passability difficult difficult
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info on glacier prepared for sikiing
Col d'Aventine
Testa Grigia being framed and Kleinmatterhorn on the left
Col d'Aventine
Breuil, the Jumeaux summits, Dent d'Hérens, and Mont Blanc at the horizon