road pass

Pass d'Alvra / Albulapass

geography  CH (GR), 9.8379°E, 46.5825°N profil
altitude  2312 m100-cols code  CH-GR-2312
side 1  Filisur, 1032m, 22km
 Bergün / Bravuogn, 1367m, 13km
side 2  La Punt, 1687m, 9km
passability June - November
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info beautiful pass between the Albual valley and the upper Engiadina, heavy traffic not allowed; long and with an irregular surface on the north side
Pass d'Alvra
Crap Alv (Alp Weissenstein) on the north slope of the Albula
Pass d'Alvra
The Albula valley as seen from below the pass
Pass d'Alvra
Road and railway of the Albula between Bergün and Preda
Pass d'Alvra
Bravuogn / Bergün
Pass d'Alvra
The Albula road and railroad between entre Bergün/Bravuogn and Preda