Picture albums   Slide show   Tour 2022, stage 2: Plaffeien - Broc - Les Paccots - Villeneuve (12 August 2022)

89 km
2100 m ^
Feyersaga in the Plasselbschlund valley
12-08-2022 08:30
7.2225°E, 46.7044°N, 1040m
View to the north (Plasselbschlund) from the Auta Chia d'Amont pass
12-08-2022 09:20
7.2267°E, 46.6672°N, 1456m
View towards the du Gros Brun (Schopfenspitz) massif from Auta Chia d'Amont
12-08-2022 09:21
7.2267°E, 46.6672°N, 1456m
In the Charmey valley
12-08-2022 09:31
7.2053°E, 46.6619°N, 1340m
The Valsainte convent
12-08-2022 09:42
7.1881°E, 46.6481°N, 1010m
Le Cergny
12-08-2022 11:02
6.9800°E, 46.5950°N, 1150m
The roads don't join each other between the Vaulruz and Semsales communities
12-08-2022 11:12
6.9739°E, 46.5889°N, 1220m
At the Pertuis pass (Le Plané)
12-08-2022 11:25
6.9550°E, 46.5778°N, 1185m
View to the sout-east from Le Pertuis
12-08-2022 11:26
6.9550°E, 46.5778°N, 1185m
Col des Joncs
12-08-2022 12:27
6.9508°E, 46.5122°N, 1197m
From Les Joncs to the south
12-08-2022 12:29
6.9494°E, 46.5089°N, 1190m
Path from Les Joncs down to the Fégire footbridge
12-08-2022 12:37
6.9472°E, 46.5075°N, 1140m
Fégire footbridge over the Veveyse de Fégire river
12-08-2022 12:55
6.9422°E, 46.5017°N, 1020m
Near Ste-Hélène, view over the Veveyse de Fégire valley with Col des Joncs on the right-hand side
12-08-2022 13:24
6.9464°E, 46.4972°N, 1190m
Alp hut of Fontanna David
12-08-2022 13:28
6.9436°E, 46.4939°N, 1190m
Col de l'Alliaz
12-08-2022 13:32
6.9339°E, 46.4908°N, 1198m
Creux aux Oies
12-08-2022 13:35
6.9303°E, 46.4883°N, 1153m
View towards Vevey from below Saumont, with Lake Geneva and Mont Pélerin
12-08-2022 13:51
6.9211°E, 46.4572°N, 940m
Les Avants as seen from the pass of Sonloup
12-08-2022 14:12
6.9392°E, 46.4572°N, 1150m