Welcome on Patrick Schleppi's home page.

You can find here some links about my different activities and interests.
my education i got my degree in agronomy in 1985 at the ETH Zurich, where i also made my doctoral thesis (at the institute of plant sciences, 1998); then i was one year at the ISU (Ames, IA, USA) for a post-doc; 1993, in parallel to my job, i followed a post-graduate course in applied statistics at the ETHZ
my job research in forest ecology, since 1992 at the Swiss federal institute for forest, snow and landscape research (WSL) at Birmensdorf, near Zurich
my research projects
  • research about the effects of atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition on ecosystems in the Alptal valley; these experiments were integrated in the European NITREX and NitroEurope projects and are also the basis of a project within the COST Action FP0601 (Forman)
  • a project on interactions between CO2 & N
  • some methodological work on experimental headwater catchments and on optical analysis of forest canopies, as well as a participation to a few further projects
the results
  • see my publication list...
  • a software to analyse hemispherical photographs (calculation of the leaf area index of forests): the programme Hemisfer
sport and leisure
family i'm also maintaining an internet site of the Schleppi family
other stuff in order to have it always at hand, here is also a periodic table of the elements