Terms of use

Hemisfer is shareware. It can be redistributed freely as long as no modifications are done to the original distribution package (except for adding lens parameters or adding new language files). The author retains the copyright of the software.

Hemisfer was developed with great care, but it is provided with absolutely no warranty. After installation, the free downloadable software is limited to an image analysis within a radius of 500 pixels. This limitation is removed upon registration.

Two different registrations are available, either commercial or non-profit. A non-profit registration must be justified by indicating in which context the software will be used. If you plan to use Hemisfer for teaching, note that a commercial registration is also valid as a multi-user educational registration.

Users (registered or not) must include a proper citation if they write scientific articles including results obtained using Hemisfer. Because the status of our own publication will change with time, the proper citation must be checked when the user's article is submitted or resubmitted after revision. Currently valid citations are:

An help file is provided with Hemisfer. If they don't find answers to their question in this help, registered users can ask for e-mail support. There is however no warranty about response time and users may only be referred to a page of frequently asked questions. General questions about hemispherical photography and LAI estimation may not be answered if they are not directly related to the use of Hemisfer.